In this live webinar, we will present DC-Dewatering. The program carries out analysis of groundwater lowering with multi-well installations. The calculation can be performed for the lowering of groundwater in several adjacent excavation pits of different depths with any number of wells and in a staggered arrangement.

Tuesday, 30 April, 3 p.m. EEST

Speaker: Dipl. Eng. Ioana Dimitrova, Product Specialist


  • Application of a fixed water level by a river or the sea possible
  • Arbitrary layer system / Different permeabilities
  • Ground water situation: free, half-stressed or stressed
  • Different construction pit sections: arbitrary polygons with different depths
  • Variable layers with column diameters
  • Any number of wells at different positions: different depths and diameters.
  • Several well series, different lowering aims.
  • Defined lowering depth or adapted to pits
  • Calculation of the required pumping quantity / capacity of all wells
  • Results in graphic quality

The presentation will be given in English language.
The webinar is free of charge.